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​Symptoms of Eyestrain include:

  • ​blurred or double vision
  • ​watery or dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • ​tired or sore eyes
  • ​irritated or red eyes
  • ​Neck or shoulder pain

Managing Digital Eyestrain: 

  • ​Follow the 20/20/20 rule
    • ​Every 20 minutes take a break and look at something in the distance or approximately 20 ft away for 20 seconds
  • ​Increase monitor distance
  • ​Neurolens-offers a novel contoured prism design to help relieve eyestrain. Approximately 80-90% of people experience improvement in migraines, neck pain, and eyestrain


Technology is a constant part of our everyday lives. But staring at digital screens like computers or phones can be hard on our eyes. Digital Eyestrain is caused by prolonged screen time from digital devices.

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