Below are the soft contact lens brands that our office carries. Call our office if you do not see your brand listed.

Care of gas permeable contact lenses

Orthokeratology overnight contact lenses

Orthokeratology is a contact lens option for people with a low to moderate near sighted prescription. With this modality a rigid gas permeable contact lens is worn only at night while asleep. Once you wake up in the morning the lenses are removed and your vision is corrected. Dr. Ballard is certified to fit these lenses and actually has worn these lenses for over 3 years.

Monovision contact lenses are another option for people who have difficulty seeing at near. In the dominant eye you put a contact lens set for distance and in the non-dominant eye you put a contact lens set for near. Not everyone can wear multifocal lenses so this can allow good vision at distance and near as well.

Monovision contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are lenses that allow you to see well at all distances(multiple distances). They work well for most people and the goal is to allow you to see 85-90% of what you need to see. There are now multifocal lenses that can correct astigmatism and a good daily disposable option. There are soft and gas permeable multifocal options. Photo courtesy of Alcon showing their Air Optix Multifocal lens.

Multifocal contact lenses

Toric soft contact lenses

Toric contact lenses are used in people who have astigmatism. Astigmatism is where the front of your eye is essentially shaped more like the side of a football with two different curvatures, one steeper and one flatter. This causes significant distortion in the vision. Luckily we have great contact lens options which has improved dramatically over the last several years.

For some of our patients that have dryness with their contact lenses we use a hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solution for both soft and gas permeable contact lenses. It is quite a bit different than multipurpose solutions that most people are familiar with. The following videos tell you everything you need to know about using this solution safely. If there are any questions please call our office. Thanks again!


Insertion and removal of contact lenses can be difficult. To aid you, we have included the following informative videos. If you have any questions about caring for your lenses, please call our office. Thank you!.

Here at the office of Dr. Leah McConnaughey, Dr. Khristopher Ballard, and Dr. Laura Andre, optometrists we offer the highest quality contact lenses in Hillsboro including contact lenses for astigmatism, contact lenses for presbyopia(otherwise known as multifocal lenses), gas permeable contact lenses and scleral contact lenses. The articles below are provided by to aid in understanding contact lenses and how to care for them.


Contact lens basics

Soft contact lens care

Not caring for your contact lenses properly can lead to a variety of eye infections, including some that cause blindness.Actually, contact lens care is easier than ever. One-bottle care systems and disposable contact lenses mean that proper lens care involves much less time, expense, and trouble than it did years ago.

​​Contact lenses, like eyeglasses or LASIK, can correct yournearsightedness, farsightednessandastigmatism.Among Americans who need vision correction, about 20 percent wear contact lenses.


Occasionally a patient will need to use what is called a scleral contact lens which is a special type of contact lens that vaults completely over the clear cornea and rests on the white part of the eye called the sclera. These are used for people with diseases of the cornea that would not allow them to wear contact lenses that rest on the cornea. Below is a video demonstrating insertion and removal of these lenses as well as how to care for these special lenses. Thanks again!

Gas permeable contact lenses are different from soft contact lenses because they are rigid and hold their shape. They usually require a longer period of adaptation but after that work great to correct vision. The insertion and removal of the lenses is different as well. Please follow the link below to a video provided by on care of gas permeable contact lenses.

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